dimanche 22 septembre 2013

Roguelike Bundle à la french (english)

(shortcut to this page englishbundle.roguelike.fr) (link to the forum) (french version)
You may not be aware of the following but some time ago a Roguelike Bundle was put in motion by Darren Grey (@dgrey0) then shared on Reddit then in 2015 a new torrent was created on reddit. The Roguelike Bundle is/was shared by Bittorrent.

That was a fantastic idea.

Already several versions of the Roguelike Bundle were created, you may ask why ? Well it's merely because Roguelikes must be updated often. Which is the main problem of this concept, each time a Roguelike is updated it necessary to recreate a .torrent and reshare it…what a waste of time as it's quite impossible to know if those who shared it the first time will do it again, it's necessary to broadcast the info about the new .torrent again…well a waste of time!

So I told myself, what we need is a remote shared folder system, a Bittorrent shared folder which would enable updating the files…yes yes yes this software solution exist, it's called BT Sync.
BT Sync it's a remote folder synchronization software by Bittorrent protocol, one would say it's a Dropbox/Google Drive/Skydrive/Sugar Sync…etc without any server. (Remember the time of FolderShare/Mesh before melting roughly and badly everything in Skydrive)
Moreover, BT Sync is available for a large scale of platforms, yes also for popular NAS Synology for example.

So I decided to use the original Roguelike torrent Bundle as a base, then with the precious help of ZeBlob, we resorted and updated all the Roguelikes (well ZeBlob actually did most of the painfull work). Later Kasaris would start maintening the Bundle too by updating it regularly thanks to the "New Roguelike Releases" list from Rogue Basin.

So how to download all these 250+ Roguelikes ? and discover new games.

  • Download and install BT Sync on your computer Windows/Linux/MacOS (the last version with unlimited folders is still available it's version 1.4.111) If you have a NAS Synology it's also possible.
  • Create a folder with the read only secret key: BBJKQUOMFFM5J75IM5W7MYZSKUNAAMQS6

As you understand only the read only secret key is shared in order to let all the management of the Roguelike Bundle to a few admins. You can unzip inside the folder, create your own personal folders without worring that you might share something against your will, it's a read only sync folder. However it's much better for you to unzip in a personal forder outside the Roguelike Bundle folder. 

You can find on the french topic the changelog and the list of all the Roguelikes included in the Bundle. Don't worry you won't have to learn french for that.

If you wish to add a Roguelike to the list, or if you see a mistake (missing update…etc), please tell us on the forum or, if you don't want to create an account you can contact us on twitter RoguelikeFR (You can contact us individually on our twitters me, Guryushika or Kasaris or ZeBlob of course we all speak your english).
You can become an Admin, request it on the forum as well as on twitter (see links above) and your application will be studied, please read this card to know what you'll need.

NB: For those who are not aware on how Bittorrent works, in order to download and share, you computer must be switched on (I know it's obvious) and you must let BT Sync run in background. Don't worry it's not using much ressources.

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